On August 14th, 2015, an article was printed in the Market News detailing more information about the new SACL Clothing Donation Bins.
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SACL Board Chair & bocce coach Jacquie Bolen and her team brought home first place from the Special Olympic Bocce tournament on June 27th, 2015. Another Salmon Arm team placed 4th. Congratulations to Tristan Harms-Popham, Janice Hildebrant, Nick Anchikoski, Carina Chu, Julie Bustin, Tessa Allwod, Brad McDonald, Diane Saint and coach Kim Bojey. Way to go Team!BocciWinners

The Shuswap Association for Community Living has updated it’s logo.

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The November newsletter was distributed on October 30th in the Friday AM.

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An $1800 Grant was received from the Salmar Community Association this July. This grant helped SACL update their technology in the form of an updated web-based data system.
Thanks SCA!

Thanks to all the Persons we Support, their Caregivers and Family members, our Staff, Management Team, Board Members, and Employers & Community Members. Your continued support has helped SACL earn our 4th consecutive 3-year CARF Accreditation!

CARF Accreditation is an in depth process that helps ensure SACL is providing quality individualized support services.

Our most recent survey took place on June 11, 12 & 13 of 2014.

Although there are always improvements to be made, we obtained our fourth consecutive 3-year accreditation.

Some of the comments from the survey team included:

– SACL fosters a culture of continuos quality improvement as evidenced through interviews with personnel and other stakeholders and documentation procedures implemented by management.

– SACL is commended for its efforts to improve efficiencies through technology as evidenced by its usage of a web-based program called ShareVision. The program is allowing SACL to reduce paper usage and improve personnel access to organizational policies and procedures and the plans of care for the persons supported.

– SACL has taken a progressive position in improving service delivery as evidenced by its move to downtown Salmon Arm. The move has allowed for more community integration access for the persons supported and easier access to integrated employment settings for the persons supported.

– The personnel at all levels are committed to the organization’s mission and vision and to positively impacting the lives of the persons supported

– SACL’s leadership is commended for its visionary direction and commitment to continuous quality improvement as it explores new ways to deliver vocational services to the persons supported

– SACL is well known, respected, and a good corporate citizen within the community.

– The leadership and management are a truly integrated team with close working and interactive relationships with all personnel and the persons supported

– Community Living of British Columbia has named SACL the best employment program in the entire province.

– SACL’s employment program has been successful in placing persons supported in approximately 37 community businesses and is still growing those placements.

– The community integration program offers a variety of community events and community integration opportunities, and the persons supported have a selection and choice in community activities and participation.

– The supported living program has placed individuals in well-designed and newly decorated homes that foster home management and independence. It provides supports to the persons supported living in their own homes in their community.

– The respite program has assisted persons in community functions and involvement that otherwise would not be available to them.

– Caregivers revealed a high level of satisfaction. One caregiver reports that, if she calls SACL with any kind o a concern, it gets fixed immediately. The caregivers feel that their charges are respected and treated well. The organization shows understanding, is accessible, and takes very good care of their persons supported.

– The persons supported are enthusiastic about their program participation and their community involvement. They are proud to be meaningful members of society and work very hard to improve their lives with the help of their programs. They love talking about their accomplishments in the community.

– Staff members reveal a sincere interest in helping the persons supported enhance their lives. They are devoted and committed to fulfilling this mission. This is evident when observing their interaction with the persons supported.

Please help us determine future directions for SACL by providing your invaluable input.

The Strategic Planning Process

Each organization has a core purpose developed through environmental assessment.

Setting future strategy for SACL is based upon the understanding of the environment, the ability to identify opportunities and threats, and devising a map for a future direction in order to achieve, sustain, and advance the directives of the organization and the People we support in a competitive environment.

The Strategic Planning process helps to compile and assess community input to help determine future directions and objectives, set goals and priorities and align available resources to achieve the desired goals.

The ongoing process of Strategic Planning considers the following factors:

1. Expectations of Persons Supported
2. Expectations of Stakeholders
3. The Competitive Environment
4. Financial Opportunities
5. Financial Threats
6. The Organization’s Capabilities
7. Service Area Needs
8. Demographics of the Service Area
9. The regulatory Environment
10. The Legislative Environment
11. The use of Supportive Technology to Support:
   – Efficient Operations
   – Effective Service Delivery
   – Performance Improvement
12. Information from the Analysis of Agency Performance


Please help us to determine the future direction of our organization by providing your feedback in the appropriate survey(s) below:


Parent & Caregiver Survey


Community Partner Survey:


Staff Survey:



SACL is preparing for it’s 2014 Accreditation Survey.

CARF surveyors will be in attendance for June 11-13 to conduct the survey.

Welcome baby Jaxson Noah!!

SACL Staff Member Alison B. and her husband Chris welcomed a healthy baby boy (7 lbs. 4 oz.) on Sunday March 9, 2014.

Congratulations and all our good wishes to the whole happy family!!