Strategic Planning – We need your Input

Please help us determine future directions for SACL by providing your invaluable input.

The Strategic Planning Process

Each organization has a core purpose developed through environmental assessment.

Setting future strategy for SACL is based upon the understanding of the environment, the ability to identify opportunities and threats, and devising a map for a future direction in order to achieve, sustain, and advance the directives of the organization and the People we support in a competitive environment.

The Strategic Planning process helps to compile and assess community input to help determine future directions and objectives, set goals and priorities and align available resources to achieve the desired goals.

The ongoing process of Strategic Planning considers the following factors:

1. Expectations of Persons Supported
2. Expectations of Stakeholders
3. The Competitive Environment
4. Financial Opportunities
5. Financial Threats
6. The Organization’s Capabilities
7. Service Area Needs
8. Demographics of the Service Area
9. The regulatory Environment
10. The Legislative Environment
11. The use of Supportive Technology to Support:
   – Efficient Operations
   – Effective Service Delivery
   – Performance Improvement
12. Information from the Analysis of Agency Performance


Please help us to determine the future direction of our organization by providing your feedback in the appropriate survey(s) below:


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