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Shuswap Association for Community Living creates opportunities and
provides support to optimize the potential of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Bill of Rights – Persons Supported

At SACL we believe that Everyone has the right to….

1.  Be included
2.  Employment
3.  Choose what they do in their day
4.  Have time to think
5.  Schedule his/her own time
6.  Have fun in his/her day
7.  Support
8.  Speak out for yourself
9.  Good medical care
10.  Be spoken to respectfully
11.  Live in a safe place
12.  Privacy of Space
–  People should not touch or take things
–  People should not go through our things
–  Have the right to decide who comes into my room
–  People should knock before coming in
–  Everyone has the right to the same privacy rules
13.  Privacy of Body
–  No one is allowed to come into my room while I am getting dressed
–  No one should touch me in a way I don’t like
–  People should ask my permission before they touch me
14.  Confidentiality
15. Decide who knows information about me
16.  Decide whether to give information or answer questions
17.  Acknowledgement
18.  Communicate in my own way
19.  Self-Advocacy and to attend Self-Advocacy groups

This Bill of Rights was developed by the Persons Supported on January 26, 2001