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Do you have a Concern, Suggestion or Complaint about Services provided to an Individual with Intellectual Disabilities?

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Shuswap Association for Community Living strives to provide the highest quality services possible to our consumers, their families & caregivers, and to the community we serve. We ensure the integrity of this process through the development, constant review, and revision of detailed consumer oriented policies and procedures that are based on applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations. We aspire to excellence by applying for and attaining accreditation from CARF (Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) for service provision. By complying with the required CARF criteria, our organization is able to provide the highest quality of service, and to be accountable to you – the consumer, stakeholder and community member.

If for any reason you have encountered any problem or issue with our services or personnel, or if you have questions or concerns about the administration or direction of our organization or our funding organizations (Community Living of BC, or MCFD) we would like to hear from you.

It is the right of all Consumers, their family members/caregivers, staff members, stakeholders and community members to have access to a fair, non-discriminatory process to address their concerns.

Concerns about the Shuswap Association for Community Living (SACL)

It is the policy of SACL to ensure prompt investigation and resolution to any issues or concerns received. The complaint will not jeopardize future service and there will be no retaliation in any way. In fact we appreciate a person’s efforts to let us know if aspects of services are unsatisfactory. All input, both positive and constructive, helps us continue to improve our service delivery and address service gaps.

The SACL complaint process is as follows:

  1. Address your concerns with the Key Worker that has been assigned to you or the consumer involved in the concern. The Key Worker will assist you to fill out a Complaint/Suggestion Form & discuss your concern; consult with the Associations Policies & Procedures, and their immediate supervisor to arrive at a proposed solution within 5 working days of the receipt of the concern. If the person with the concern is not satisfied with the proposed solution or results presented by the Key Worker and the immediate supervisor;
  2. The Key Worker/Supervisor will direct the person with the concern and the completed Complaint/Suggestion Form to the Program Director. The Program Director will review the circumstances of the concern with the staff involved, and propose a solution or suggestion within 7 working days. If the person with the complaint is still unsatisfied with the efforts to rectify the situation, the complaint will be forwarded directly to the Executive Director.
  3. The Executive Director will review the Complaint/Suggestion Form, analyze the situation in accordance with Association policies, procedures and accreditation standards, and negotiate a suitable solution to the concerns that will benefit the client. The Executive Director requires 7 working days to respond to the complaint to properly investigate the circumstances of the issue.

Executive Director: Karen Hansen – Phone: 250-832-3885  Extension: 1305

Mailing Address:  PO Box 153, Salmon Arm, BC  V1E 4N3

Concerns about Community Living of British Columbia (CLBC)

If a family, caregiver or individual has concerns about services or a decision made by CLBC, they may register a complaint. The CLBC complaint process is as follows;

  1. Bring the issues or concerns to the CLBC staff member assigned to you.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the response to your concerns by your assigned staff member, you may register a complaint by filling out a Complaints Resolution Form (available at CLBC locations or via the CLBC website)
  3. Mail or deliver the completed Complaints Resolution Form to the CLBC office or send it to the CLBC Website. The completed complaint will be forwarded to the office manager.
  4. A response can be expected within 48 hours of receiving the complaint.
  5. If the family, caregiver or individual is still unsatisfied with the results of this response, a request can be made to have a review of the issue by the Director or Regional Operations. The Director of Quality Service may also be involved in resolving your concerns.

The full CLBC Complaints FAC sheet can be found at

Other contacts to Advocate for Quality Services for Individuals with Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities

Advocate for Service Quality Assisting adults with developmental disabilities and transitioning youth with special needs and their families have access to supports and services that are available. The Advocate can help with services from the Ministry of Social Development, from other Ministries, Community Living BC or from service agencies in the Community.

Office of the Ombudsperson Receives enquires and complaints about the practices and services of public agencies within its jurisdiction. The role of the Ombudsperson is to impartially investigate these complaints to determine whether public agencies have acted fairly and reasonable, and whether their actions and decisions were consistent with relevant legislation, policies and procedures.

Write to your MLA Whether your MLA is NDP or Liberal, it is important that they hear from their constituents about this important issue. If you believe families should be getting the supports they so desperately need, call or email your MLA.  Remember to send a cc to the CLBC at [email protected] or to contact us directly at 604-777-9100.

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