Due to a tragic incident in the Lower Mainland, our clothing bins have been removed from the community until they can be fitted with additional safety equipment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we hope to have the bins redistributed in the community before Spring of 2019. Please continue to donate to local people with diverse abilities, by placing your donations in our indoor clothing bin, located on the 3rd floor of the Andover Place building at 371 – Hudson Avenue NE. Find out more.

Community Employment Services

SACL Employment Service supports local employers who hire individuals with diverse abilities through job coaching and ongoing supports to ensure success.


Support Services for daily living is provided to an individual or groups to promote rich lives and community inclusion through residential living, employment, and skill development.


Supported Living assistance is available for support with daily life skills and activities for Persons Supported who live independently in the community.

Home Share

In Home Sharing, the person receiving support and the Home Share provider or family live as equal participants in the home, sharing a close relationship that supports inclusion, growth, and opportunity for all.

Our Employment Partners


Also; 2010 Foothills Group Home, A&W, Advanced Property Systems, Andover Holdings, BC Hydro, Bower’s Funeral Home, Chevron, Dairy Queen, DeMille’s Farm Market, Jacobson Ford, Parkview Place, RCMP, Safeway, Salmon Arm Observer, Seniours Drop in Centre, Shuswap Kids Club, Starbucks Coffee, Talius, WalMart, Weight Watchers, WHR-Western Human Resources, WIL Building

Employment Services

Employment Services assists local businesses by identifying Persons Supported with the specific skills, traits, and abilities required for your position.

Community Services

In-house and outreach services designed to support and include individuals with diverse abilities safely into the community.

ASPIRE to Excellence

Accreditation assists Service Providers to improve the quality of their services and meet internationally recognized standards of excellence.