Avoid COVID-19 Scams (Update April 14, 2020)

Avoid the Scams


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


In troubling times there is always someone trying to take advantage… COVID-19 has brought out the best in people but has also created opportunity for those looking to capitalize on this dangerous environment: “the cybercriminals”. These are not teenagers with hoodies pulled over their heads (although there may be a few), but sophisticated, well-run, heavily-financed crime syndicates with many being state-sponsored “cyber warriors”. It’s big business with potentially devastating consequences.


Cybercriminals are going all in on COVID-19 scams. This includes creating scams related to the stimulus packages that the federal government is making available to Canadians. This is one of the most dangerous times that we have ever faced; possible fear and desperation could lead people to click on emails that they may not usually click on and these threat actors are capitalizing on this environment. Cybercriminals are now almost exclusively conducting COVID-19 themed campaigns. According to new studies, published by Proofpoint, 80% of all threats identified by the firm are COVID-19 related.


Solid reputable IT firms should produce reporting, training options, and security assessments that provide you with the “ounce of prevention”.


— Andre Brosseau, President | innov8